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Hairgum Legend Classic
Legend Classic Wax puts texture and shine into short and tapered hair. It gives a perfect finish to most styles whilst leaving your hair soft and light. It respects the fiber and doesn't damage it. Textured and sculpted at the root or simply sheathed on the ends.
Hairgum Legend Strong
Concentrated texturizing wax, extra hold. The absolute answer for extreme styles. Enriched with beeswax for greater shine. Hairgum strong wax provides a long-lasting hold for short hair. Apply it one lock at a time for an exploded look, or to all of your hair for a stronger hold.
Hairgum Legend Strong Gel - Bamboo
Strong hold actives this gel is perfect for everyone that likes very structured styles. Its professional formula is highly concentrated and provides you a strong, long-lasting hold. Hairgum bamboo gel enhances all styles. The extract of bamboo contained in this gel have moisturizing virtues, it will deeply nourish your hair while styled. The amino-acids and the vitamins provide an amazing shine, and give back tonus to your worn out hair.
Hairgum Legend ROAD Pomade
A wax textured styling balm. Perfect for pompadours, afro hair or plastered-down styles, just like brilliantine. It gently controls thick, frizzy hair and redefines curls by putting shine and gloss back into the hair.
Anti Dandruff Tonic Shampoo
This shampoo purifies and freshens the scalp due to the fresh mint extract combined with the anti-dandruff pirictone. It removes the impurities, grease and build up of hair products and smoothes your hair. It is left shiny and soft like never before. The fresh mint extract has a purifying and anti dandruff property, its pleasant smell will slightly perfume your hair.
Styling Gel
Used by those who want to maintain a wet, slick look and do not require a pliable hold.